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Whatever your art requirements, let me help - you may want a picture of your children, your pets, a front door, a holiday home, or you might want your favourite view or scene painted, or a special still life that means something to you.  My prices are very reasonable, with a big chunk going to charity, so please call me to discuss your project on 07957 277 529.

Let me paint your favourite view or scene.  I can paint this from a photograph or, if you'd prefer I will visit, take some photos, do some sketches and either paint in situ or back in the studio.
I'm working on my portrait skills and will be offering this service in the not too distant future.  In the meantime, if you would like me to experiment for a small charitable donation, I would be very happy to help.
Still Life

I love painting still life pictures and get so much out of it.  If you have a particular piece of china, furniture, antique or old keepsake, which you would like me to capture, just send me a photo and I'll turn it into a unique work.


One of the most popular aspects of art is'pet pictures'.  So whether you have a cat, a dog, guineia pig, hamster, rabbit or horse just send me a picture and I'll get cracking.

Front Doors
Or back doors, or the whole house for that matter.  Again these are easy to paint from a photograph, or I can come to your home and get some sketches in situ. I can also paint pictures from garden designs, so you can see how your garden could look in the future.
Outdoor Structures​

This might be as a keepsake - a memory of your garden or summerhouse, or it could be for a catalogue, newsletter, or blog.

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